Programming Olympics, May 2007

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OCLUG's participation in the 2007 Algonquin College Programming Olympics. We offered a $500 cash prize to the "most open-source team". It happened that the OCLUG open-source prize went to the team that also won the contest according Algonquin's judges. The Algonquin second prize went to the team that almost tied for the open-source prize. Says a lot about open source, doesn't it?

Here's the OCLUG page about the contest. The OCLUG wiki, and the Algonquin College page.

photo Ian! Allen - prof at Algonquin and volunteer. He wrote up solutions to the challenges as Rex was creating them - at 4:00 am the day of the contest. (Is that how you want your students to work?!? What kind of a role model is that? ;-)
Great tie-dye outfit - check out the socks.
photo Robert Echlin (OCLUG judge) and Richard Hagemeyer (Algonquin prof and judge)
photo All the contestants at the end of the contest. Prize awards.
photo Some more contestants - including some openly Open-Source friendly ones (see the plush tuxes!).
photo Claude Brule - head of the School for Advanced Technology at Algonquin - congratulating students and about to award prizes.
photo John Nash - president of OCLUG, ready to award the OCLUG prize.
photo The OCLUG cheque - the winning team - and three of the OCLUG judges. Xian, Mirza, Liam and Ethan of Deep Indigo from Earl of March, Andrew Clunis (OCLUG), Robert Echlin (OCLUG), John Nash (president, OCLUG)
photo Svillen Ranev, Algonquin prof and judge (also the Villain of the contest!)
photo Svillen and the pile of prizes that Algonquin had collected for the winners. From the left, books, KVM switches from the Algonquin tech store, wireless cards from the Algonquin tech store, an IBM laptop (!) for a door prize, jackets for each team member (with their names to be embroidered), 19" flat-panel monitors for each team member, Olympics trophies for first place and medals for first, second and third places. Wow!
photo Svillen with his long-tailed coat and a mask (he's the Villain that the students had to identify in the contest). He only put on the mask after the contest was over.
photo Claude Brule awarding Bell "Apathy" the 2nd place prizes. They were the ones with the plush tuxes.
photo Another shot of Bell "Apathy" being awarded their medals and prizes.
photo Here are the first-place winners (and OCLUG prize winners: Earl of March's "Deep Indigo" team. The woman between the team and Claude Brule is Nancy Cote of Algonquin College- a big player on the organizing team.
photo Deep Indigo of Earl of March high school receiving their medals from Claude Brule.
photo Deep Indigo of Earl of March with their first-place trophies
photo Deep Indigo of Earl of March about to receive their 19" monitors for winning the contest.
photo The PR shot of the winners, Deep Indigo of Earl of March (Liam, Xian, Ethan and Mirza), with Claude Brule of Algonquin College.

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All photos and text, Copyright 2007 Brenda J. Butler, except where noted.