03/16: netdev0x12

Posted by: bjb
The next netdev conference will be held this July 11 — 13 in Montreal. Check out the official web site http://www.netdevconf.org/0x12/.

02/12: netdev

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Posted by: bjb

I’m lucky enough to be sitting in the netconf conference, with Pablo Ayuso, Jamal Hadi Salim, David Miller and others. They are discussing current and proposed future work on the networking subsystem of the Linux kernel.

This is the by-invitation-only mini-conference. Many of the attendees here will speak at the open-registration netdev01 conference from Feb 14 — 17 at the same venue (the Westin Hotel, downtown Ottawa). It’s looking like that conference will be really great. It’s not too late to sign up! I’ll definitely be there.