Posted by: bjb

Summary of emacs rectangle commands, with default keystrokes:

C-x r k    kill-rectangle
C-x r d   delete-rectangle
C-x r y   yank-rectangle
C-x r o   open-rectangle
C-x r c   clear-rectangle
M-x delete-whitespace-rectangle
C-x r t <text><enter>  replace rectangle contents with text (string-rectangle)
M-x string-insert-rectangle<enter><string><enter>  insert string on each line of the rectangle


Posted by: bjb

I just learned how to do a couple of things in emacs:

  1. put the line that has point in it at the top of the window: M-0 C-l (meta-zero control-ell)
  2. toggle the buffer to read-only or writeable ( M-x view-mode )