The next “activation date” came and went, with no DSL service. The reason given is that my address did not exactly match the address on my phone bill. I said the address as it should be into the phone when I ordered the service, but the customer service rep(s) on the other end insisted on putting the letter after the number as a “unit” number or “suite” number. I said I don’t write 999 unit A, I write 999A. But they didn’t know how to enter that into their (or their supplier’s) system.

I wonder why that is, when I had DSL service through NCF, which uses TekSavvy for it’s upstream, and that worked first try?

Why is TekSavvy so certain this time that the activation will work, when it failed the last two times?

Why did TekSavvy decline my offer to fax my phone bill (with address) to their office?

If they’ve done something to ensure that it will work this time — why didn’t they do that the first time?