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There have been a few more exchanges, some less friendly and some more friendly, but each of us is keeping our position: he says I owe him $120 (ish) and I say I don’t.

He has made the domains available for me to take. But he won’t issue a credit for the invoice.

So I’m not taking the domains. I’ve already got another domain name. I got it when we were arguing back and forth and it wasn’t clear to me that I was going to get linuxbutler back before they either expire or in time for the NCF static address change.

I’ve had various bits of advice from different people, ranging from “just take the domain back, you can get the registrars to give it to you” to “report the guy to the police, he stole your domain” to “make a web page about your experience” to “go to small claims court”. He has made the domains available, so that eliminates the “police report” approach.

I’m not really keen on taking the domains back, as that gives him grounds to expect me to pay the invoice.

Anyway, my last email to him was “don’t do anything that will cause you to invoice me”. He wrote back and said that concludes our communications. So I guess he won’t be willing to change my IP address, although the address will change before the domain name expires, and he did do the same kind of change last time it happened. Without charge. I would expect a domain name handler to do that. But, I’m just glad to be out of the business relationship.

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It seems my domain name reseller also works on the weekend. He sent me an email saying I haven’t paid last year’s invoice. So I sent him an email with the details of payment. and pointing out that now he owes me money (because of a credit note that was issued on my account).

Of course the amount of the credit note does not cover his full “exit fee” charge … so we’ll see what he does now. I offered to forget the credit if he signs over the domain names.

And I pointed out that transferring the domains is a one-step process, why did he say he had “staged” the transfer for one of the domains? What does that mean? In fact, since I got the domain history from namespro, I know it means he moved the domain name from steveg * emoss-ca account to steve * emoss-ca (earlier this week). What’s the point???

The saga continues.

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I asked namespro for a history of my domain name, and they responded within 1 hour on a Saturday. Wow.

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I’ve replied to the reseller saying:

  • His invoice copies did not match his statement (that he attached on his email to me) and I have no amount overdue (according to him in an email last year after my payment).

  • He should not make me pay for putting my name back on the domains, when the domains had my name on them when I started using his service.

I got the domains in 2004, and started using his service in 2005.

We’ll see what his response is.

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Last year about this time I mentioned to the company that currently renews my domain names that I wanted to do the renewing myself before the year was up. We agreed that he would put the domains in my name (the admin contact etc) in October. October came and went, and eventually it became March. I emailed and asked about the progress on this.

He wrote me back and said that I owe some money and he would also be charging me $125 (ish) for 1 1/4 hours of his time to put it back in my name.

First off, I got the domains myself, and asked that company to pay the renewal bills and bill me back. There was never any need for him to put his name on my domains — he certainly didn’t call attention to himself by charging me for that “service”. But now, a month before some of them expire, he’s hitting me with the news that suddenly I have to pay an “exit fee”. No warning about it last year, no warning in October. Just a fee one month before the names expire.

The other money he claims I owe — about $30.00 — I haven’t researched that yet. I expect it will turn out I don’t owe anything, but I’m willing to do the research before I deny the charge.

I’m not happy.

Anyway, I’m “contemplating my options”. One of which is to let the names expire and get new ones. There are other options, and I’m considering all of them.

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I’d like to add a “restore” feature to xen-create-image to go alongside the “install disk”, “install lvm” etc options. It would take an existing disk, mount it and apply some “restore” scripts to it. It would skip over the “create the disk and put stuff on it” part.

The xen-create-image script (in xen-tools) is almost all the way there. It’s fairly modular. It calls other scripts to do parts of its work (like xt-create-xen-config). Those scripts get the (extensive) list of options by inheriting them in the environment.

That means xen-create-image exports the list of config options to its environment. It does this in the exportEnvironment function — except for the ip address list. That is done in runCustomisationHooks. Most unfortunte for me, because the main part of the script goes like this:

if ( $CONFIG{'install'} ) {
    if ( $CONFIG{'hooks'} ) {
        runCustomisationHooks ();

It’s that way in xen-tools 4.2 and in xen-tools 3.2.

Unfortunately, that means that not only are the ip variables not available if I’m not installing, but neither do the customisation hooks get run. I had been hoping to make a new “distro” called “restore” in which I could put scripts like “restore-database-from-dump” and “fix-up-networking-for-new-dom0-location” and suchlike.

I’ve subscribed to the xen-tools mailing list and submitted my comments, we’ll see what happens.

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My choir has arranged to sing at the National Arts Center on May 21, 2011. We are combining forces with our three sister choirs from Montreal and the New World Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of conductor Michel Brousseau. Our founder Maria Knapik will be singing the soprano part, and we have three other soloists as well.

We have to sell a lot of tickets to pay for this … we are also selling ads in the program, and doing some other fundraisers. Contact me if you want to get tickets or buy stuff (flower bulbs or an ad in our program, or even just a donation).

If I practice a lot between now and the concert audition, I might even get to go on stage. But it will take a lot of practicing … This choir is demanding! The performance will be awesome. Even the rehearsals are pretty good.

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I found this procedure for starting to use IPv6 on a home network. It is specific to Debian and the SixXS tunnel broker. Many thanks to Martin Krafft for this very nice description that starts with the firewall rules and moves on from there.

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Making xen images from tar files means I get to work with large files. Sometimes I need to poke inside those files before they are made into a disk image. I found that tar on Debian lenny does not have the --occurrence keyword for stopping after the n’th occurrence of a file in the image. tar on Debian squeeze has that keyword. Unfortunately there is no tar in backports, so I get to build the tar sources from squeeze (1.23) on lenny.

I need this because I have stored some parameters into the tarfile for quick extraction at restore time. I made sure to put that file early in the tarfile, but because tar on lenny doesn’t understand the --occurrence=1 parameter it still takes something like 5 or 10 minutes to read through the whole file before moving on to the next step. That’s just a tad painful when developing and testing restore scripts.

For reference:

  • tar on Debian lenny: 1.20-1+lenny1
  • tar on Debian squeeze: 1.23-3

    bjb$ tar --help | egrep occur
          --occurrence[=NUMBER]  process only the NUMBERth occurrence of each file

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I want to get an IPv6 address from The first step is to apply for an account. They gave me one. I tried to use the username/password credentials to log in, and was not able to read the page. I guess it must be xhtml, and it had some kind of error right after the head element. So all I got was a message in the browser saying that there was an error on line 14 character 8.

I tried logging in again today, and was able to see a page full of info.

I don’t know what the problem was. Could have been a problem on the remote end, or maybe I didn’t have cookies enabled. It works now, and I was able to apply for a tunnel. We’ll see what happens next!