I need to get a new phone … My last phone failed. It has the Snapdragon 808/810 chipset and suffered a progressively worsening boot loop.

What I really want in a phone is:

  • a battery that is removeable
  • dual active sim
  • works on Freedom‘s network
  • DOESN’T use a snapdragon 808/810 chipset
  • can run lineageOS (or CopperheadOS)
  • fits in most pockets; preferably operable with one hand

Already we can see that there are no phones currently being sold in my city that meet these requirements.

It would be nice if I could buy a Fairphone2, but they are only sold and supported in Europe.

Features I like about the Fairphone:

  • modular (can replace parts like camera, battery, etc)
  • built to last
  • ethical parts sourcing, including raw material from conflict-free zones
  • open source software
  • good working conditions for workers

What’s not to love about the Fairphone2?