Another Debian birthday, another Debian birthday cake. Happy 25th birthday, Debian.

undecorated, molded chocolate cake (Debian logo imprinted into cake) same cake with icing sugar sifted over the top, to make the chocolate cake look white Chocolate zucchini cake, decorated with Debian swirl

It is still the chocolate-zucchini cake, but with cherry pie filling this time.

Preparation: the bare cake. The recipe isn’t quite big enough. I will have to add more batter to this cake, so the design mold doesn’t poke right through to the other side. I did do another cake later with 25% more batter (5 eggs instead of 4, and proportionally more of other ingredients) but I dropped it when trying to remove it from the pan. The broken pieces tasted good, but it wasn’t photo-worthy so I will have to try again some time.

Preparation: icing sugar sifted over the whole top. This is to make the red pie filling stand out from the chocolate background.

Final decoration: cherry pie filling placed in the Debian logo indentation.

This cake has a lot of zucchini in it. I jokingly call it a “vegetable” instead of “dessert”.