Last year about this time I mentioned to the company that currently renews my domain names that I wanted to do the renewing myself before the year was up. We agreed that he would put the domains in my name (the admin contact etc) in October. October came and went, and eventually it became March. I emailed and asked about the progress on this.

He wrote me back and said that I owe some money and he would also be charging me $125 (ish) for 1 1/4 hours of his time to put it back in my name.

First off, I got the domains myself, and asked that company to pay the renewal bills and bill me back. There was never any need for him to put his name on my domains — he certainly didn’t call attention to himself by charging me for that “service”. But now, a month before some of them expire, he’s hitting me with the news that suddenly I have to pay an “exit fee”. No warning about it last year, no warning in October. Just a fee one month before the names expire.

The other money he claims I owe — about $30.00 — I haven’t researched that yet. I expect it will turn out I don’t owe anything, but I’m willing to do the research before I deny the charge.

I’m not happy.

Anyway, I’m “contemplating my options”. One of which is to let the names expire and get new ones. There are other options, and I’m considering all of them.