The first beam:

Image IMG_3547-med.JPG Image IMG_3548-med.JPG Image IMG_3549-med.JPG

Preparing for the second beam, at right angles to the first:

Image IMG_3551-med.JPG Image IMG_3552-med.JPG Image IMG_3553-med.JPG

The second beam is up, they are adjusting its position with a sledgehammer:

Image IMG_3557-med.JPG

Connect the two beams:

Image IMG_3559-med.JPG Image IMG_3560-med.JPG

Take out a temporary wall:

Image IMG_3656-med.JPG Image IMG_3657-med.JPG

The view without the temporary wall:

Image IMG_3658-med.JPG Image IMG_3727-med.JPG Image IMG_3730-med.JPG